Countering criticism

Countering criticism

Just as good compliments could have a flattering effect on humans, bad criticisms could have a flustering effect. In various spheres of life, at different stages, one has to deal with a deluge of criticism directed towards one from several people around.

Well, how do you counter the caustic criticism with calm and composed self, without losing your cool over this common phenomenon of people taking potshots at you, now and then?

Before delving deeper into this, you should at first be able to distinguish between two categories of people from whom the criticism originates. The first category are the ones closely related to you, who wish to see you successful in everything in life.

For instance, a parent genuinely interested in your well-being; a good friend, sincerely interested in your happiness; a teacher, honestly interested in your academic growth; may often go on a criticising rampage, just to help/correct you, so that you don’t encounter failures of any sort.

These criticisms you should accept positively and phlegmatically, as they facilitate in making you ride on the massive wave of success/happiness in your future.

The second category of criticising folks are those who are more or less jobless, with virtually no inclination for any productive/constructive work. Apparently, they like to fritter away their time frivolously criticising others. At closer scrutiny, you notice that these people themselves are severely/seriously flawed! But, they are under the false illusion of being ‘perfection personified’, since they are incapable of holding a mirror to themselves.

Just try pointing out their shortcomings, in no time you will invite their angry glowers with their face turning crimson red, as they themselves won’t take criticisms lightly.

Maybe, their own defeats, distress, disillusionments, deep inferiorities or insecurities in life that manifest as mordant criticism coming from them – a cathartic expression to suppress their own severe heartburn, simmering in their innards!

Apparently, they are the detractors who keep denigrating others to overcome their own deep frustration. Now with such people, who are not even worth your hatred, isn’t their words/criticism as worthless as a speck of dust on your feet? So, one must rather sympathise with such lots who perhaps are lacking many good things in their own life.

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