BSY must introspect before quitting BJP, says C T Ravi

BSY must introspect before quitting BJP, says C T Ravi

District-inCharge Minister C T Ravi has said that former chief minister B S Yeddyurappa must introspect before quitting the BJP.

To a query on the affect on the BJP following Yeddyurappa’s resignation, he said that it is too early to comment on the issue. “I am confident that Yeddyurappa will not quit the party. He has only made a statement. He was always advising us. He will not betray the party. I am confident he will not quit the party.”

“Yeddyurappa was an ordinary Jan Sangh activist 35 yers ago. The party was never unjust to him. In fact, the party has stood by him in tough times and supported him always.”

He termed ‘Sonia’s Mangalore speech as a failed attempt to cover up UPA’s blunders.’
On Sonia Gandhi’s demand that the State government give details of the Rs 80,000 crore given to the State by the Centre, Ravi wondered if Sonia Gandhi had assumed the role of the CAG.

“The State government has given audited account for funds allocated to it by the Centre and claimed the next instalment of its due share,” he said, adding it is neither Congress money that Karnataka received, but its right under federal system of governance.

Her allegations of misuse of Centre’s funds by the State government during her recent visit to Mangalore were a futile attempt at covering up the Congress led UPA government’s blunders. 

He said that the Congress should furnish details on the black money. The Congress must give transaction details.

“Gandhi disappointed us by not announcing a single gift for Karnataka.” he said.
He said that the UPA government must not forget that LPG cylinders were freely available during the NDA regime. He questioned the need to place a cap on subsidised cylinders to six per annum and then force people to buy it at market price from seventh cylinder onwards.