An invite to cherish for lifelong

An invite to cherish for lifelong

Making arrangements for the great Indian wedding is no less than a crusade which starts much before the invitation is finalised. Yet, it is the invitation which really commands a lot of attention since it is the official ‘messenger’ of the happy occasion.

Consequently, a lot of time and interest is devoted to selecting just the ‘right’ card which is regarded as a bearer of family’s traditions besides its obvious purpose of attracting guests to attend the wedding and its related functions.

Initially, bylanes in Chawri Bazaar was where people went to select their wedding invitation cards which would then be customised. However, times have changed now and Delhiites set up meetings with designers to get their cards customised.

Right from the fabric to its design, every detailing in the card is decided by mutual consent between the designer and his/her client. The season in which the marriage has to be solemnised also plays a part on finalisation of the colour and fabric. Yes, you read it right.

If it is November or December, rich colours are used in fabrics like velvet but as summer approaches, pastel shades rule the invites in fabrics such as net. Rachit Agarwal, co-owner of Nimantran says, “We have been in this business for around six years. When we started, the concept of special invitations and embellishments was not in vogue and nobody minded it if they bought a packet of cards similar to ones already distributed by someone else. But now, we make sure that no design is repeated!”

How much do they customise and the reply is, “Everything. If we are making fleur-de-lis (an ancient motif) as the theme of one wedding, then it will go into designing everything from the invite and the box to even the envelops for Sagan!” says Rachit.

As one browses the net, dozens of designer names who put their heart and soul to please their clients crop up. Take for instance, Ravish Kapoor’s designs which have a plethora of options to choose from- a Turkish box, a spice lotus, peacock gold foil, a ghoda invitation, palki and many others - almost compelling you to get married just to have the pretty invite! He has also designed the invite for Shilpa Shetty’s wedding and says, “It is always exciting to create a card for Bollywood celebrities but it was especially nice to create the wedding box for Shilpa and Raj. They both were very involved in its creation and this made the project all the more fun. The reception card and logo were both inspired by Shilpa’s desire to have something regal.”

Those who are planning to get married, keep a look out for latest designs to make your invite a memorable one too!