Pay more to park or get challaned


Manoeuvre your car out of your driveway and be prepared to pay hiked parking charges in commercial areas or residential colonies or else invite increased challans.

The recent news of hike in parking charges indicates that the rates are yet to be finalised but authorities are leaving no stone unturned to mar the happiness of car owners - that too in this festive season. The hike is steep and if sources are to be beli­e­ved then be prepared to shell out Rs 10-15 for half an hour; Rs 20 for an hour; Rs 50 for three hours and Rs 100-150 for six hours, alongwith an exponential increase in rates for subsequent hours. If you happen to be parked on the main roads - failing to find a spot in the lot, then you could be penalised Rs 600 as opposed to Rs 100 currently.

Is the news shocking? It is so for most Delhiites, already harassed by mismanagement in parking lots and non-availability of parking space. Metrolife talks to Delhiites on the issue and finds out that they are infuriated to the core.

As if the hike in fuel rates wasn’t bad enough, the authorities are now increasing parking rates too. The availability of parking space is a major concern for most. Jasmeet Chhabra, a homemaker residing in Patel Nagar who often travels to Connaught Place and Karol Bagh markets feels that this increase is not viable for the common man. “It is not logical to increase parking rates. Our budgets have already been given a shakeup due to increase in petrol and cylinder rates and now if I go to buy vegetables then I shell out Rs 50!” She agrees that inflation has to be factored in but adds, “It takes, at times 20 minutes to find a parking place and then it is a nightmare to come out of the lot if I go to Karol Bagh or Rajouri Garden markets. So do they mean that I have to finish my shopping within 10 minutes to make sure I pay for only half an hour?”

Makes sense, for finding parking in Delhi isn’t easy. If you think that you shall head to nearby residential areas for parking, then think again for a plan is being proposed to impose parking charges in residential areas too.

Nitin Mehra, a marketing professional says, “It is insane to propose this. If I am parking outside my relative’s place to visit them on Diwali and my car is on the road, parked at my own risk, the government is expecting me to pay parking for it? If they want us to pay parking charges then they should also take the responsibility for our vehicle. As of now, if I park my car in any parking lot then I can’t be sure of its safety. There have been cases of stealing stereo, spare tyres or other accessories. Why should I invite these thefts by paying high parking rates?”

Safety of vehicles is an issue but for the professionals who are usually on the field, the news is no less than a nightmare.

Hemant Bajaj, a medical representative says, “If the authorities are increasing the parking rates then why don’t they ask our companies to increase our travelling allowance as well because it is not possible for us to commute by public transport to every nook and corner of Delhi.”

Be prepared to face all this the next time you head for your work in your vehicle!

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