Best time to make decision is 11.59 am

Best time to make decision is 11.59 am

Making decisions at the eleventh hour may not be a bad thing after all!

The best time of day to make an important decision is 11.59 am while the worst time is after 10 pm, a new study has found.

Researchers found that late morning decisions are best because the morning rush is over but hunger for lunch has yet to kick in, the Daily Express reported.

They said by 10 pm or later brains are frazzled from work and our bodies are set on going to bed.

In the survey, just one per cent of people said they function at their best after 10pm and would trust themselves to make a life-changing decision then.

Researchers said the time of the year also plays an important role, with the most sensible decisions made in the “boring” month of April and the most irrational choices made in December, when people are busy in Christmas preparations.

“You should take time to think through the consequences of any critical decision, looking at the pros and the cons with a clear mind,” Professor Cary Cooper of Lancaster University, said.