Savour this spooky, spicy sizzler

Savour this spooky, spicy sizzler

Pizza turns out to be a delectable, delicious dish served with a dash of panache by debutant director Karthik Subburaj.

Though it does have its weak and wanton moments, Pizza works as an ensemble edge-of-the-seat thriller/horror flick, because it has the right ingredients in the form of a sizzling screenplay, equally erudite camera work, effective background score, all packing a punch.

Complementing the technical finesse which fires the Pizza with perfect seasonings, it’s Vijay Sethupathy who too gets into the skin of the character and comes up with a reasonable performance that adds to the drama.

Swinging back and forth between horror and thriller genres and inspired by Hollywood, Pizza begins as a lackadaisical and sluggish first half before picking up pace and perfection in the second half to culminate in a climactic ending.

Pizza revolves around a delivery boy Michael living with a live-in partner Anu aspiring to pen a ghoul story. A rationalist, he scoffs at such silly stuff until Anu warns him that he cannot just pooh-pooh it as balderdash.

Sure enough, the lovers’ once blissful lives turn into a hellish nightmare when Michael, during one of his delivery dos witnesses a murder and also learns the building is infamous for few more murders before as well. From then on, with a few red herrings thrown in to perk up the plot, the film careens towards the final damning denouement.
 Sure, it’s time to have your slice of the Pizza and savour it.