Budding ventriloquist Kavya displays skill

Budding ventriloquist Kavya displays skill

Ventriloquist M Kavya with her dummy showed all signs of becoming an expert at an demonstration of her arts at Mysore District Journalists Association (MDJA).

At a press meet here at MDJA on Monday, Kavya, 18, along with her ventriloquist dummy conversed with it various concepts.

Firstly starting with dialogues of situation at the MDJA, she chatted with the doll Clinton (Tharle Thimma) matters regarding breakfast, tenses of grammar, TV programme and others. The doll humorously replied to all her queries including blaming her of brining to a place where girls were in least number.

Kavya, student of Diploma in Computer Application developed interest in the hobby as she watched shows of ventriloquists Indushree and Suma Raj Kumar. She opined to gain fame in higher levels and is awaiting for more opportunities though she has performed in various shows.  

Her promising performance in ‘Rasamanjari show of Junior Vishnuvardhan’ held recently, has opened doors for many opportunities.

Kavya is daughter of journalist M N Latha Mohan and S R Mohan Kumar, who is working in police department.