Choose from a wide range

Choose from a wide range


Dear Sir,

I am in my final year of B.Com. I wish to do further studies, but I am confused about what to do next. So, please do help me in choosing a course.

Dear Anonymous

Since you have studied Commerce for the past three years, you would be in a position to reflect and decide which area you are most passionate about and are good in. There is a wide range from Chartered Accountancy to banking, insurance, teaching, taxation, stock market, marketing etc. that you can choose from.  If, despite your best efforts, you are not in a position to decide at all, then you may take up an entry level job in any financial institution, and perhaps continue with M.Com through distance learning or evening college. Within two years you will be able to decide the most appropriate career and then take the next step forward.

Dear Sir,

I am studying in Class X,  ICSE syllabus. I want to do CA. Can I do it as soon as I join pre-university? What subjects do I have to take in my pre-university and degree? I score well in all my subjects.  
P Saravanan

Dear Saravanan

The first step to becoming a Chartered Accountant is to enrol for the Common Proficiency Test (CPT) just after you get the results of your Class X.  They send you the study material and you can appear for the exam after you complete your 2nd PUC.  You can take any optional subjects, but it is preferable to take up Commerce.  You can do your regular PUC in any college nearby, but some colleges also offer tuition for CPT, so you do not have to go separately for coaching. After clearing CPT you are entitled to studying further in two stages to qualify as a Chartered Accountant. Details are available on

Dear Sir,

I want to pursue MBBS. Since I did not get a seat for Medicine through CET, my parents forced me to join an Engineering degree, thinking I should not waste a year. Is it possible for me  to take the CET next year, and try for a Medical seat? If yes,  what is the procedure I need to follow?  My final percentage in PCB is 67.8% and in English I secured 90 marks. With these marks can I also apply for universities abroad? If yes which exam should I take ?

Dear Nikshith,

If you are very keen on doing Medicine, willing to work very hard for six years (and more for post-graduation) then you can certainly appear for MBBS entrance exam in 2013 and give up one year.  There is a proposal to have a centralised All-India entrance exam NEET-UG (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test), but details are yet to be finalised.  If not, you will have to appear for CET in Karnataka, and are also eligible for other exams such as Manipal, Vellore, AIIMS, Armed Forces Medical Colleges etc.  Do keep in mind that seats are limited and the exams are highly competitive.  You may need to start preparing right now if you are keen on the change.

Dear Sir,

I had taken the PCMC combination in my Class XII. After that, I worked in a call centre for more than five years. I want to complete my graduation but am confused about the stream I should take. I had to discontinue my studies due to family commitments. Now, I want to complete my studies.  I am not sure if doing B.Com will be the right decision.
I am interested in technical hardware, software, mechanical. I am not sure if I can cope with very technical subjects through correspondence.

Dear Nithin,

You are right.  Studying technical subjects through distance learning may not be very fruitful, and you can pick up skills of specific IT related tools through part-time short-term courses.  You may find B.Com comparatively easier, and also useful in your career since you are already in the BPO sector.  Many open universities offer B.Com through distance learning, including KSOU, Bangalore, Annamalai, Madras, IGNOU, etc.

Dear Sir,

My son is in Class VIII, State Board.  He wants to take up research. For that should he do graduation in pure sciences or pursue any Engineering degree?
Also, what are the job opportunities available?  
T Sujatha

Dear Sujatha,

It is too early for your son to finalise his future career. He may change his interests in the days to come.  Do encourage him to find out more about research, the different fields in science, the type of courses he will need to do, and what life as a scientist involves.  At the same time encourage him to explore engineering and as many other fields as he shows interest in.  Do not pressurise him at this point.  Job opportunities ten years from now when he finishes his final studies can never be predicted, but if he selects wisely based on his interest, aptitude and personality traits, he will not have to worry about employment.

Scientific researchers have been successful both from the pure sciences as well as the engineering field, the important factor being that he should study in any of the reputed institutions like IITs, NITs, IISc, IISERs, BITS, etc.