Biomedical scientists meet from today

Biomedical scientists meet from today

The conference brings together scientists from various systems of medicine

Nitte University will be hosting the 33rd annual conference of Indian Association of Biomedical Scientists from November 1 to 3. The theme of the conference is “Recent trends and advances in biomedical research-An integrated approach”.

According to a press release, research scholars from diverse fields of science as well as scientists of national and international repute, teachers, scientific writers, and members of biological, pharmaceutical and biotechnological-oriented organisations, agencies, and communities have confirmed their participation.

The conference aims at bringing together the scientists from various systems of medicine – allopathy, Ayurveda, Unani, Sidha, Homeopathy, pharmaceutical scientists, biological scientists etc.

Eight pre conference workshops on “Interdisciplinary approach towards techniques involved in medical sciences” have been organised in the constituent colleges of Nitte University.

Hands on training is imparted in animal handling and experimentation in pharmacology, cell culture techniques, DNA damage studies, therapeutic nutrition, Lasers in dentistry, Assessment methods for physical activity level and fitness and recent trends in lumbar spine manipulation.

More than 400 students and research scholars have confirmed their participation in the workshops. Hand books of these workshops will be released during the conference.

Scientists from USA, UK, Portugal, Malaysia, Iran and India will be participating in this international symposium. About 350 oral presentations and 175 poster presentations will be made during the conference on diverse topics like Cancer Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Biomedical research, education and policy, Dentistry, Pharmacology, Clinical, psychological and occupational health, Phytoceuticals and special talk on bioethics, Radiation Biology, Microbiology, Physical medicine, speech pathology, nursing and Medicine, toxicology and education.