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The way to get noticed!

Chemistry’s new autumn collection is something to watch out for — it has a glamourous appeal fused with a touch of casual yet carnival-like look. The end result is an attire characterised by a sharp sense of style, but with a certain element of playfulness.

Jewelled shades and distinct cuts

To be fair, the collection isn’t just restricted to autumn-wear. Rather, it comprises an entire gamut of clothing that promises to look good all year round. The outfits are incredibly varied — sleekly-tailored lines meet more generous silhouettes, jackets with military detailing can be off-set with cotton twill; and fitted shorts can be paired with flowing, lacy blouses.

There’s a lot of emphasis on colour, which run a whole spectrum — shades of blue, lemon yellow, salmon pink and purple, offset against neutral hues, make quite a statement. Esha Rai, the brand’s head of design, explains that there are certain fundamentals which can be found in all the garments. In terms of the dresses — which are, without doubt, popular this season — the mantra is simple.

“Dresses this season are featured in new-age fabrics,” says Esha, adding, “this is combined with structural lines and bright colours.” The dresses also have very interesting silhouettes — while some of them are fitted, others have bell-shaped silhouettes. There’s a lot of playing around in terms of the neckline and sleeves and a few have generous trims of lace.

  The brand also endorses mixing around with colours and cuts to create an outfit that is a cut above the rest. As Esha explains, “In one of our outfits, we have paired a pair of jewel-green shorts with a bold purple lace top. This is to combine different textures and tones.” In fact, the clothes here lend themselves to this sort of mix-and-match policy — a combination of bright colours and unique silhouettes see to it that every outfit looks a little different.

There are also a selection of frocks which are printed and playful, with floral patterns and deep necklines. “The sunflower print dress, for instance, exudes a Bohemian vibe. It can be worn for a fun evening out with girlfriends or even for a brunch,” adds Esha. Lace is used generously and some of the dresses — in single-toned, jewel-bright shades — are trimmed entirely with it, for a more feminine and luxurious look. For those who want something a little formal, the collection of blouses are perfect for both office as well as party wear.

While most of them are in neutral shades, the careful use of embroidery and colourful prints elevate them above the standard. Paired with dark trousers or even jeans, they make quite a statement.

Shreya Deshpande,

III year, Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, opted for a black dress with a high neckline and a distinct silhouette.

Punchline: “This outfit is trendy and yet comfortable. I can see myself wearing it for a party or a simple evening out with friends.”

Price: Dress (Rs 1,899)

Jaitra Raju,

III Year, Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology, looked chic in a pair of green shorts and an indigo lacy top.

Punchline: “The clothes are cute and preppy. They’re quite girly too, with a feminine touch — in short, they’re really me!”

Price: Shorts (Rs 1,399) and top (Rs 1,399)

Archana Rao,

III Year, Dayananda Sagar
College of Engineering, chose to wear a pair of black jeans, which she paired with a white collared blouse with navy print.

Punchline: “This look is prettyformal. But if accessorised with something colourful — like a red belt — it would be perfect to wear to college as well.”

Price: Jeans (Rs 1,899) and blouse (Rs 1,499)

Nagasindhu M N,

III Year, Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology, opted for a floral-patterned dress in dark blue and white.

Punchline: “This dress has a summery feel. It’s sweet and cute — perfect for an outing with friends.”

Price: Dress (Rs 1,499)

Medha Ravindranath,

II Year, Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, went for a one-shouldered, ruffled dress in a pale shade of pink.

Punchline: “The dress is youthful and cute. I like the colour, too. It would be the perfect outfit for an outing in the evening.”

Price: Dress (Rs 1,999)

Shruthi P S,

III Year, St Joseph’s College of Commerce, opted for a lacy, yellow dress with a high neckline.

Punchline: “This outfit is colourful, bright and fun! I’d love to wear it to a party.”

Price: Dress (Rs 1,699)

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