'No parking' rule only for public?

Whether laws and rules are different for police and public? Though many a times members of public witness the disparity or traffic violations by none other than police themselves, no one dares to question the police, because police are police!

In one such incident on October 28, I was a ‘victim.’ As my son wanted to have popcorn, I parked my car right in front of Bharath Mall around 7 pm (where already two police jeeps - one belonging to Deputy Commissioner of Police and another Interceptor were parked).

About 5 to 7 minutes minutes after I parked the car, the DCP along with his wife and family members arrived out of Bharath Mall after shopping and left the place in his jeep.

A minute after the DCP’s jeep left, the police officer in the Interceptor announced in a microphone that the area is ‘no parking’ and that I should not have parked car in the area.

Till the DCP left the venue, it was a parking area. But as soon as the DCP left, the area suddenly became ‘no parking’ zone!

This is not the only case where police officers violate the rule. Police travelling between Nanthoor and Pumpwell in a one-way is a common scene. Police personnel riding in a bike without helmet or taking U-turn at non-specified areas is also not a rare scene.

Perhaps, it is time the police commissioner or officials concerned teach their personnel to follow the rules, before they take action against the public. Be a model, before you point finger or take action agaist common men.

Lokesh, Kadri, Mangalore

Provide   buses to Vamadapadav

The number of buses plying between B C Road and Vamadapadav via Manihalla are very few and that too they don’t run on time.

As a result, a large number of people including students and office-goers find it very difficult to commute and reach their schools/colleges and offices.

Though many representations have been given to the people’s representative and officials concerned, it was of no use. Will at least the KSRTC start operating bus on this route. If no action is taken in this regard, we will have to no choice, but to boycott the next elections.
Residents of Vamadapadav.

Mangaloreans disappointed again

We the citizens of Mangalore thank the Indian Railways, for extending Yeshwantpur-Kannur-Yeshwantpur train to Karwar, by bifurcating that train at Mangalore Central Railway Station, as per the orders of Karnataka High Court.

Though it was delayed, we welcome the move. At the same time it has to be said that Mangaloreans have been put under disappointment, because Minister of State for Railways K H Muniyappa has said that Mangalore Central Railway Station may not get ‘World Class Status,’ because no additional land is available in that Station. The railways want three acre of additional land at Mangalore Central to carry out the said work.

The Minister had made announcements twice, regarding the transformation of Mangalore Central Station as ‘World Class’ on August, 2009 and on November, 2011.

He also added that multi-storied building could come up on the Central Station, which was the brain-child of the then DRM S K Raina.

According to the information sought by Railway Yathri Sangha Technical advisor Anil Hegde under RTI, Southern Railway Chief Engineer and Public Relation Officer confirmed that the hope of World Class Railway Status for Mangalore Central is still active. On all the three occasions, there was no demand from the Railways for additional land of 3 acres.

Why the announcements on upgrading Mangalore to world class becomes a routine of every railway programme, despite no public demand?

Now, some reports suggest that, Union Minister Muniyappa has agreed to make Mangalore Junction (Kankanady) as World Class Station, if 5 acres of land is provided there. Mangalore Citizens would not accept this, because Mangalore Central is more important than Mangalore Junction Station. If the Minister is interested, let him provide basic facilities at Junction Station.

It is now clear that upgrading Mangalore Central is almost impossible or may be dropped; it should be the responsibility of Minister to make Mangalore Central as clean and model Station and also to create new Division with headquarters at Mangalore by splitting Palghat Division. People expect this from the Minister and he should not disappoint them.

Sukumar Talapady

Provide humps near Gerosa, Double Gate

It is more than two years that the road from Fr Muller’s Hospital to Nandigudda circle was concretised and the main road is very busy with heavy traffic.

Previously, it was an asphalted wide road and after concretisation, there was a lot of traffic congestion. At that time, to avoid accidents near Gerosa High School, a hump has been provided and the second was formed near Double Gate (Joseph Nagar entrance) as this stretch is an accident prone area where a number of two-wheelers met with accidents and many lost their lives. The vehicle owners, mainly two-wheelers, cross here to enter Joseph Nagar gate and find it difficult to cross because of heavy traffic.

Realising the situation, the then Corporator Salim made arrangements to install humps and there after no accidents occurred. Though these two humps were there till concretisation of the road, after that the humps were not provided. As a result, again the area became accident prone and already few accidents have occurred. MCC should look into the matter immediately.

J F D’Souza Attavar

Guidelines     required for decorations

As a part of Dasara celebrations, lights have been hung at various locations in the city. It is delightful to see the city so colorful and well lit during this festive occasion.

However, these lights pose a serious hazard to the public. At many places, these lights are hung at very low-level, especially those along road dividers. Moreover, there are ropes tied very low across streetlamps to hold these lights in place.

These ropes are difficult to see in the evening when it's dark and any person trying to cross the road can walk right into these ropes.

This is a major inconvenience and can also lead to accidents. I am appalled at the gross carelessness on the part of the contractors hired to put up these lights and the negligence of the authorities concerned in noticing this obvious hazard and rectifying this problem. The authorities need to take immediate and effective action in arranging these lights and ropes to be hung well overhead.

Also proper guidelines should be laid down for any public decoration and lighting so that safety and public convenience is never compromised.
Veronica Correa

Provide additional LPG cylinders

The Central government in its recent order limited the issue of subsidised LPG cylinders to six per year and advised state governments to extend the same facility by providing additional cylinders on subsidised rate by spending from their state exchequer, if interested. The Congress-led state governments have already started implementing it, but Karnataka government has not opened its eyes so far. Instead, the ruling BJP representatives are engaged in power game and many are identified with rebel leaders.
Anyway, the Karnataka Government should take a decision immediately on the LPG cylinder issue.

K P A Rahim Jeppu

Solve parking problem

As one of your readers wrote recently, it takes nearly 30 minutes to travel from Bunts Hostel to PVS Circle during peak hours due to the random parking of vehicles on both sides of the road! Though it may sound exaggerated to any outsider, the fact is, and this is true on many other important roads in Mangalore too, with no one concerned about it.

The much talked and awaited multi-storied parking facility in old service bus stand remains a distant dream for every citizen. Plenty of promises have been made by elected representatives on various infrastructure projects, but majority have not been implemented till date. With the exponential rise of vehicle density on highways and city roads, the city is getting choked with no space left for cyclists and pedestrians.

It is very unfortunate that pedestrians and riders are getting knocked down frequently in city roads and also in National Highway. As long as disciplined parking is strictly enforced by the authorities concerned, the situation will only become worse resulting in many more fatal accidents.

But, does anyone care? With the traffic density on every road increasing everyday, I request the authorities concerned to wake up and plan for better organised parking before it is too late.
May I suggest to them, that there is a great opportunity for the City Corporation to properly utilise the priceless parking space available under the four major flyovers within the city.

We have flyovers at Kuntikana near A J Hospital, Kottara Chowki, Kulur and at Surathkal. Under these flyovers there is abundant parking space available, which can be asphalted, marked and used as paid parking space. This has been successfully done in all the major cities of Gujarat, which can be easily replicated by MCC.

This space can be tendered out, which will give a livelihood to a few unemployed youth and also generate revenue for the MCC which can be utilised for the maintenance of these flyovers.We are fortunate to have a very enlightened and pro active Corporation Commissioner who can take the initiative to create this valuable parking space within the city limits and contribute positively towards better traffic management. The tax paying citizens of Mangalore will be ever grateful for him for making their life safer on City roads. Earnestly hope they will.

B N R Rao, Kadri Temple Road

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