Now, you can catch traffic violators

Now, you can catch traffic violators

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Now, you can catch traffic violators

The Bangalore Police are about to launch a new drive that aims at empowering citizens to act as traffic ombudsmen on City streets.

The traffic police are to introduce a new website called “Public Eye” on which public can upload photographs and videos of any traffic violations they come across.

The new initiative, to be launched in a fortnight, is a website inspired by the response that the traffic police got through their Facebook page. Many people have been posting photographs and videos of traffic violations that they come across. A mobile in the hands of the commuter has proved to be a valuable tool.

Citizens can upload pictures and videos of traffic violations on the new website. They also have to upload details like time, vehicle registration number and place. The user will also have to share his identity and the details, which will be guarded.

A special team formed to maintain and administer the website will register complaints and send them to particular traffic police stations. The time, place and the offence will be cross verified with the CCTV footage at the specified location and time at the Traffic Automation Centre. The traffic violators will be issued notices.

Traffic police promise to act on all complaints within five days. As citizens make the complaint, it will be assigned a particular registration number using which one can track the complaint and action taken on the website. The traffic police also plan to inform the complainant of the status and action taken on it through email. “It is the duty of all citizens to report violations of law and crime to the police. It is mandated by law. The response we got on Facebook showed that the city’s commuters were ready to shoulder this responsibility. So we are only easing the process and providing them with a better interface for the same. Public inputs definitely help in better policing,” said M A Saleem, Additional Commissioner (Traffic & Security).

“We follow the golden rule of not penalising commuters without proof. Technology has strengthened our hands in this matter. Now, even our traffic cops are equipped with digital cameras. The notices we send to the violators are based on photographic evidence with the analysis of CCTV footage at the Traffic Automation Centre. We expect the public to imbibe the same spirit,” Saleem added.