What's your word power?

What's your word power?

Vocabulary promotes comprehension and hence plays a significant role in the RC (reading comprehension) as well. It improves reading speed.

Reading is likened to driving a car. You start at 20km, move to 30km…40km…60km…80km…and you arrive at a word like ‘plenipotentiary’ and your speed dips to zero. Hence vocabulary aids and accelerates reading speed.

Words often confused

1.  Jimmy is a restful/restless child.
2. The wrestler has a rubicund/rubric complexion.
3. The canopy/canapé shaded the entrance to the building.
4. The wraith/wreath was said to appear at night on the staircase.
5. We were disgusted by the grown man’s sophomoric/soporific behaviour.
6.The salesman is loath/loathes accepting a job in a new territory.
7. He made a rather feeble/frail attempt at an apology, but it didn’t convince anyone.
8. In a boat race those who paddle/peddle fastest usually win.
9. He is too much of a man of principal/principle to compromise.
10. Don’t be discouraged by adverse/averse criticism.
11. The room was bathed in soft defuse/diffuse light.
12. The tiny woman had an incredulous/incredible appetite.
13. The dentist examined the palate/palette of the patient’s mouth.
14. Travel can be an excellent complement/compliment to one’s education.
15.The sunsets in the pacific are especially/ specially beautiful.

1. restless
2. rubicund
3.  canopy
4. wraith
5. sophomoric
6. loath
7. feeble
8. paddle
9. principle
10. adverse
11. diffuse
12. incredible
13. palate
14. complement
15. especially