Ah! the smell of home

Fragrances are known to be very personal. Each person has his or her own signature style and also a special preference for a certain type of fragrance. Choosing the right fragrance for your home is a daunting task especially when there are a multitude of options to choose from.

It is important that one does not end up making an impulse decision while choosing fragrances. It is useful to spend time considering which perfume will be ideal for your home. Here are a few tips that should make your task easier:

- The personality of the home owner is an important fact that needs to be taken into consideration while purchasing the right home fragrance. If the owner is a young woman, then perhaps a sweet, flowery scent would be more appealing. For an older lady, more sophisticated and homely fragrances like citrus, apple cinnamon and orange blossom would be suitable. For a younger man, a slightly racy and vivacious fragrance like pine, lemon grass, basil would be more apt. For an older man, classy and soothing fragrances like green tea, ylang ylang, patchouli, and melon musk would be more appropriate.

- While choosing fragrances for your home, it is mandatory to keep the style of your home in mind. For those with a cheery, colourful and bright home, fragrances like orange blossom, lavender, marigold, apple cinnamon, amber rose and pomegranate would be more suitable. Homes that have a more minimalist look should use fragrances that are light, airy and subtle. Fragrances like green tea, lemon grass, ylang ylang and melon musk would be appropriate. For futuristic homes, fragrances like pine, lavender, rosemary and citronella would be fitting. For homes that have a woody interior, fragrances like pine, citronella, lavender and green tea would be perfect.

- While choosing fragrances for the home, some people tend to keep changing the type of fragrance used on a regular basis. Though this is not wrong, it is always better if the choice is narrowed down to scents from the same family. There are four main families of scents – woody, spicy, fruity and floral.

-To diffuse fragrances into different rooms, appropriate delivery systems need to be used. It is best to use scented candles, fragrance vaporisers or reed diffusers in the living room, bed rooms and guest rooms. While in the bath room and kitchen, fragrant stones, fragrance sachets and potpourris are more useful mechanisms of fragrance delivery.
Having a pleasant smelling home matching your signature style in terms of fragrance will make returning home from a hard day’s work a comforting thought.

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