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Last Updated 16 November 2012, 15:24 IST

The coming winter will see a hike in the prices of unsubsidised LPG cylinders and from then on, the prices will change every month. Bangaloreans point out their concerns regarding the hike in price and say that it will increase pressure on the common man.

Many feel that this is not the answer to the increase in global prices.People say that the government should make sure that basics such as LPG etc don’t undergo a huge hike in prices. “First, there was a hike in diesel prices and now, the same with LPG cylinders. If these hikes continue, it will be very difficult for us to manage our expenses. I can’t vouch for others, but for young professionals like me, this is unaffordable,” says James.

As per the new scheme, oil firms will now decide new rates for the 14.2-kilogram domestic cylinders every month, which will then be communicated to customers.  Bangaloreans are hassled about the fluctuation in the prices of LPG cylinders every month and say that this is a bother.

“How do we know if our LPG dealer is charging according to the global rates? Now, since it has been officially announced that the rates are going to change every month, there is enough room for discrepancy. The government should probably declare the rate every month so that we are sure about them,” says Chiranjiv, a bank official.

Citizens complain that it is not just the prices of the gas that they have to worry about — there are many other problems as well.  “It is highly probable that people will start stocking up LPG cylinders by buying them on the black market. That will worsen the situation as LPG dealers will start selling them at exorbitant prices — it will be a big mess,” points out Asha, a homemaker.

The City has many students who share accommodation with friends. Some note that they are on a budget and this hike in the prices of LPG cylinders will be hard on them.

“We are students and we barely manage our expenses every month. This sudden hike is shocking. I guess we have to start eating out instead — I feel that will be cheaper,” says Subhash, a student.

Dinesh Kumar, the manager of a Bharat Gas agency, informs that the current price of a non-subsidised cylinder is Rs 917 and after the increase, they will cost ten to twelve rupees more.

“The prices may increase or decrease every month. This will be decided according to the rise and fall of the share market. You can ask the gas agency you buy the gas from to inform you about the correct rate,” explains Dinesh.

(Published 16 November 2012, 15:24 IST)

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