Chaka Khan, Shaolin monks set to rock

Chaka Khan, Shaolin monks set to rock

Opening ceremony

Before the visual extravaganza mesmerises the gathering, the 12 participating teams’ captains will exchange team flags and take the ‘MCC - Spirit of Cricket’ oath to respect their opponents, teams and umpires.

The Big 12 will then emboss their handprints on clay as an attestation to play the game within the spirit of cricket. Soon after that, the team logos will be revealed with 200 school children performing a choreographed sequence to the Champions League theme song.  
The entertainment section proper will start then with 12 world-renowned Japanese drummers electrifying the atmosphere followed by international dancers in Michelle Ferranti’s costumes.

The much-anticipated performance of legendary Chaka Khan will be followed with the singer rendering her hit solo ‘I Feel For You’. The Chaka Khan show will give way to much more physical form of entertainment with Cube artists, Shaolin monks and Kalaripayattu performers dishing out an adrenalin-packed sequence, depicting the aggression and fighting spirit of the Champions League teams.  It will be the turn of renowned reggae artist Shaggy to thrill the crowd with his hit single ‘Feel The Rush’, a perfect song that embodies the spirit of fast-paced T20 cricket. British pop star Jamelia will also take centrestage with her hit number ‘Superstar.’

The grand finale will see all the artists converge onto the field to a synchronised segment of lights, laser, and fireworks, making a spectacular climax.