PM to be given memorandum for irrigation projects in State

Centre accused of bias against Karnataka

A group of 50 people will meet the Prime Minister in New Delhi on December 5 and hand him a memorandum requesting the implementation of a permanent irrigation project in the State,  said environmentalist Chowdappa.

Addressing a press conference in the town on Sunday he said the Union government has been according a step-motherly attitude towards Karnataka with regard to the irrigation projects. As a result, we have been denied a single such project implemented properly in the State, so far, said Chowdappa, adding that the fights in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu were apolitical.

Political interest

“The problem in our State is that the struggle is always driven by political gain. There is a severe lack of will-power among our representatives, which is why the State too has not seen development in a comprehensive manner.

“Andhra Pradesh benefits from the waters of Krishna and Godavari rivers. In Tamil Nadu too, water from the rivers originating in the Western Ghats irrigates as much as 1.25 crore acres of land. In Karnataka, however, only 69 acres of land get water for irrigation,” said Chowdappa.

Government project

“The irrigation development project of the Union government has been under implementation from 1995. Till now, Andhra Pradesh has implemented 13 programmes and Maharashtra has implemented as many as 36 programmes. In Karnataka, however, we have seen an implementation of merely three programmes, so far.”

He added that the water of the west-flowing rivers in Karnataka is wasted, as they originate in the Western Ghats and merely flow into the Arabian Sea. “If the water of these rivers is given to the districts in the planes, the residents at least five arid districts will benefit.”

Chowdappa said the Union government, which spent Rs 26 lakh crore in the First Five Year Plan, has reserved only Rs 5.5 lakh crore in the Twelfth Five Year Plan. “The Union government’s take on providing irrigation facilities is clearly reflected in this difference.”

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