DMK to vote in favour of FDI

DMK to vote in favour of FDI

DMK to vote in favour of FDI

The DMK will go in favour of foreign direct investment (FDI) in retail in parliament if there is a debate followed by voting, party chief M. Karunanidhi said Tuesday.

"There is no denying ... the possibility of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government falling if the debate on FDI in retail is taken under Rule 184 of parliament as demanded by BJP and other parties," Karunanidhi said in a statement here.

Stressing that the party was against FDI in retail, Karunanidhi said "communal parties" like the BJP would take advantage of the situations if the government collapsed.

He said no opportunity should be given for a government of the BJP or any other government which has the BJP's backing.

This would only result in "more false corruption charges" like the Rs.1.76 trillion 2G spectrum scam to emerge.

Given this situation, there was a compulsion for the UPA government to continue, he said.
Referring to New Delhi's assurance that states would not be forced to allow FDI in retail, Karunanidhi said retailers and farmers in Tamil Nadu would not be affected.

The DMK is a key constituent of the government and has 18 members in the Lok Sabha.