Suicides bigger killer than death in action in central forces

Suicides bigger killer than death in action in central forces

Suicides bigger killer than death in action in central forces

Suicide incidents killed more central security forces' personnel than death while in action in the last four years, Parliament was informed today.

"As reported by the central armed police forces (CAPFs) and Assam Rifles, a total of 417 CAPFs and AR personnel committed suicide/killed themselves since 2009 till date, whereas 398 personnel laid their lives in the service of the nation during this period.

"During the same period, 49,188 personnel have proceeded on voluntary retirement or resigned, which works out to be about 1.5 per cent of force strength per year," Minister of State for Home R P N Singh told Lok Sabha in a written reply.

The causative factors, the Minister said, in most of the cases were found to be generally personal and domestic problems like marital discords, personal enmity, mental illness and depression among others.

"In a few cases, the same could be owing to work related stress," he said.

Singh said personnel were proceeding on voluntary retirement and resigning from service mainly due to various personal and domestic reasons including children or family issues, health or illness of self or family, social or family obligations and commitments among others, he said.

The minister also said these personnel will also be given the status of ex-CAPF on the lines of ex-servicemen in order to boost their morale.

"Giving status of ex-CAPF personnel to retired personnel of CAPF, which is expected to boost the morale of the existing CAPFs personnel and also expected to provide better identity, community recognition and thus higher esteem and pride in the society to the ex-CAPF personnel," he said.

To another query, he said during 2012 (up to August 31) only 14 youths in Kashmir Valley reportedly joined militant groups.

"The government has adopted various counter terrorist methods to neutralise the efforts and capabilities of militants and to watch activities of those supporting such groups. The government has also encouraged policies to mainstream the youth and discourage them from joining militancy," he said.