Govt asks CBI to probe 24 NGOs receiving foreign funds

Govt asks CBI to probe 24 NGOs receiving foreign funds

Govt asks CBI to probe 24 NGOs receiving foreign funds

Government has asked the CBI to probe alleged illegal activities of 24 NGOs which received funds from abroad, Lok Sabha was informed today.

Minister of State for Home R P N Singh said different state police forces were also asked to probe into the alleged irregularities of 10 other NGOs which received funds from abroad.

The Minister said altogether Rs 10,997.35 crore was received as foreign contribution by 23,172 NGOs across India in 2008-09, Rs 10,431.12 crore by 22,275 NGOs in 2009-10 and Rs 10,334.12 crore by 22,735 NGOs in 2010-11.

Singh said those NGOs whose cases were referred to CBI for investigation are Tamil Nadu Muslim Muneetra Kazagham, Coimbatore, Reach in Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, Abul Kalam Azad Islamic Awakening Centre, New Delhi, Khwaja Khushal Charitable Trust, Muzaffarnagar, UP, Shri Arvind Khanna, ex-MLA, Punjab, Anjumane Hussamia Educational Association, Hyderabad.

Other NGOs whose case have been referred are Vishwa Dharmayatan Trust, New Delhi, Shri Ratnesh Khandelwal and nine others, Mumbai, Shri Prakas C. Bhatt and four others, Mumbai, Heritage Foundation, UP, IGEP Foundation, New Delhi, Samast Muslim Khalifa Sunnatwal Jamat Navsari, Gujarat, Evangelical Lutheran Church, Madhya Pradesh, Tuticorin Diocese Association, Tuticorin.

The Minister said those NGOs whose cases were given to state police are : Rajasthan Harvest Ministries, Jaipur, Matsyagandhi Mahila Welfare Association, Andhra Pradesh, Madrasa Jamiyad Ravatul-e-Hat, Gujarat, Mount View Academy, Madurai and Reach International Education and Social Welfare Trust, Tamil Nadu.

Bhartiya Cattle Resource Development, New Delhi, Good Vision, Kanyakumari, Trust for Rural Uplift and Education, Tirunelveli, AID India Chennai, Saccer, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu and Centre for Promotion of Social Concern, Tamil Nadu