'Perfect seat on the plane is 6A'

'Perfect seat on the plane is 6A'

'Perfect seat on the plane is 6A'

The perfect seat for passengers on a plane is 6A , as it combines maximum comfort with convenience, a new survey has found.

The poll of over 1,000 airline passengers questioned respondents on their seat preferences, including which section and whether they chose window, middle or aisle seats.

The poll also delved deeper to find out if choices were influenced by lucky numbers as well as odd or even row numbers.

Combining these responses, flight search engine 'Skyscanner' found that the most sought after seat on a standard aircraft is seat 6A.

The survey supports previous studies which have found that the front six rows of the plane are the most popular, taking 45 per cent of the votes, and booking seats in this section on certain aircarft is actually 8 pounds instead of the standard 3 pounds charged to pre-book seats in any other section.

More surprising is the number of passengers who prefer the window seat – almost 60 per cent - compared to just 40 per cent who opt for the aisle, with less than 1 per cent choosing the middle seat.

"There is always a great rush to get on board and get that favoured seat and I think it is really interesting that there are so many differing opinions on this.

"I just hope that the low cost carriers don't find out that there is such demand for seat 6A and start charging a premium for it," Skyscanner's travel editor, Sam Baldwin, said.

The survey also found that the seat no-one wanted was 31E, a middle seat towards the back of the aircraft.

Other seats that ranked high in the survey were middle seats over the wings as passengers say they're less likely to feel turbulence there.