The sounds of jazz

The sounds of jazz

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The sounds of jazz

The City, which is always open to different experiments in arts forms, witnessed a beautiful dance-drama, Kasturba –– Peed Parayee Jane Re recently. The performance was presented by Nad-Roop, a school of kathak dance and music, in collaboration with the Austrian jazz orchestra, ‘Landesmusikschulwerk’.

Kasturba...., was really a treat to the eyes and ears. By blending the sounds of jazz music with graceful movements of kathak, the artistes unfolded the story of Kasturba Gandhi. The choreography was based on the life of Kasturba Gandhi, who grew up in a middle class family. It conveyed the uplifting tale of the woman, who overcame personal odds and walked the path of freedom alongside Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Not many people knew Kasturba’s side of the story and Shama Bhate, the founder-director of Nad-Roop, showcased that.

From showcasing the playful child in her to the letters she wrote to Gandhi, the dance-drama even showcased how Kasturba was with Gandhi in every step of his struggle in South Africa and then India. On the outset, she may have been just an old-sari clad woman but inside, she was an extraordinary lady ready to withstand anything.

The soulful rendition of Vaishnavo Janotho... with which the dance-drama opened with filled the auditorium and stuck in one’s mind till the end of the programme. The rhythmic beats and notes from the orchestra, led by Manfred Paul Weinberger, and the graceful gestures and expressions of the dancers received a lot of appreciation.

The audience were enamoured and deeply involved in the story. For many, it was almost like reliving the freedom struggle. “The tale was moving. We have always thought of Gandhi’s point of view but not once did we think of what his wife or children would have gone through,” said Dhanya, a member of the audience.

Many even enjoyed the show for its collaboration. “I came here out of curiosity as I wanted to know how would an Austrian orchestra perform to a kathak recital. But they have done a fabulous job. Not only did the music lift the spirits but the dancers too matched them to the beat,” says Santosh, another audience