It is all about designing

The institute building was illuminated with fairy lights on the outside and with Students’ creativity inside who participated in the annual Graduate Show ‘Design Showcase 2012’ at Apeejay Institute of Design.

The place looked like a mini haat set up to welcome visitors into a world of designs. Such was the 10th edition of ‘Design Showcase’ that encouraged students to experiment with designs and exhibit their creative products to leave the viewers in a state of awe.

The annual exhibition of final year students, provided an opportunity to the budding designers from various fields of designing like Fashion Design, Interior Design, Textile Design and Graphic Design. The students undertook an indepth research on topics provided to them to produce industry oriented projects which would enable them to make a mark in the fashion and designing industry.

Beginning with the interior design students who researched on topics reflecting lifestyles of today’s fast-paced generation, the students have come up with models where energy can be saved using nature for the interiors. One such project is the circular Coffee House which follows the concept of Green Wall - allowing drip irrigation system to function and reducing the AC bill by 60-70 per cent.

Ishita Duggal, the brain behind this project says, “It is a contemporary design which includes nature. The Greem Wall allows growing of plants along the walls which help in reducing the heat inside the building. Also, the furniture has proximity sensors which turn the lights below, from blue to purple when somebody approaches. It is a way to welcome the guests.” Ishita keeps the location of her project in Gurgaon and uses photo-voltaic cells to use maximum sunlight.
The Graphic Designing department showcased designs targeting women. Nitika Vohra, uses digital media for cause of upliftment of Indian women. “My project caters to a woman’s life from childhood to maturity. I have focused on girl education, catered to problem of eve-teasing, raised awareness about female foeticide and dowry. All these affect women and their empowerment, which I have tried to cater to with the help of digital media.”

The Textile Design department students showcased models based on traditional topics such as Mughal era-inlay work and Phulkari from Punjab while the fashion designing students channelised their creativity to offer interesting collections, comprising contemporary clothing inspired by intriguing themes such as Chandni Chowk, ballet dance, miniatures, caricatures, death metal, 1950s Western fashions, etc.

The ‘Vintage Chic’ collection by Divya Jain displayed calf-length dresses which used a lot of layering and flair. But instead of keeping them black and white, the fashion student infused orange and green into them. Divya says, “I have designed these silhouettes keeping in mind the European market. The Hollywood movies formed my inspiration and I also examined how Helen used to dress up, in order to create the perfect look.”

With a total of 45 research documents and live projects, the exhibition is a storehouse of ideas and sheer creativity. Make that trip to the campus and check out just how much talent, the young have these days.

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