Savour the taste of Tibet

Snow Lion Tibet Kitchen’, located near MS Ramaiah College in Venkateshwara Layout, is a culinary experience that leaves you truly satiated after a good meal.

An inside view of the eatery.Started three months ago, the place is run by Tibetans – with three cooks, one server, and a lot of other smiling faces who drop by to help around.

Quaint and well maintained, the owners have utilised whatever space they have got and made the most of it.

With the Tibetan flags, hanging bells and traditional paintings like the ‘Four
Harmonious Friends’, there is a strong community feeling about it. The restaurant is a haven for non-vegetarians, though the vegetarians are also given plenty of choices to choose from.

“The most popular items are the momos, thukpa and then thuk. In the Chinese items, people usually go for fried rice or noodles,” shares Tenzin Sonam, the owner. “The best authentic Tibetan dish is the langsha (beef) shapta gravy. We write it as langsha because we don’t want to offend anyone,” he adds.

While an outsider may wonder about the choice of the name, there is a deep-rooted story behind it for the Tibetans.

“In our national flag, which is our identity, there are two snow lions. These are the protectors of his Holiness the Dalai Lama,” explains the owner.

What makes the place stand apart from the other restaurants serving this

“We buy most of the vegetables and things locally. But all the sauces and chilli are imported from other countries because you don’t get it here. That’s how the food gets its authentic flavour, with the most important flavour being schezwan. The main chef, who used to earlier work in a big five-star company, knows where to get everything,” notes Tenzin.

The prices are also reasonable for the amount of food served on the plate. While the hot and sour soup costs Rs 30, a plate of gobi manchurian costs Rs 45.  The Chinese
noodles and fried rice range between Rs 50 – Rs 60, based on if it has egg, chicken or langsha.

The authentic Tibetan thukpa and then thuk are priced between Rs 45 and Rs 60.
 ‘Snow Lion Tibet Kitchen’ is open from 12 noon to 10 pm and is shut on Sundays and on college holidays.

For details, call 9611894755.

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