Our notice for floor test on FDI exposed SP, BSP, claims BJP

BJP today said it gave notice for a debate and voting in Parliament against the Centre's FDI move to expose arch-rivals Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party, which were against foreign investment in retail sector.

The party (BJP) already knew that it does not have the required number, BJP spokesman Shahnawaz Hussain said here.

"Questions are being raised in media that what BJP achieved, why it gave notice under section 184. If we had not gone for 184 and if there was only a debate then SP and BSP would not have been exposed," Hussain said.

"Our aim was to expose those who participated in Bharat bandh, those who strongly opposed FDI, those who were terming it (FDI) anti-Dalit and anti-minority. We wanted to show what they would do in Parliament," he said.

While on one hand our objective was to expose Congress, our target was also to pull the mask from the face of SP and BSP, he said, adding, "we succeeded in it".

The BJP spokesman said that the country wanted to know that from where communalism came.

"Sushmaji in her speech clearly said that a large section of minorities are involved in petty trade. Siding with Congress on the issue, where a large number of minorities will lose their employment, will cost heavy to the SP and BSP," the BJP leader said.

Shahnawaz said that considering SP and BSP a separate entity from Congress would be wrong.

"They are the most trusted allies of Congress, more trusted than NCP and DMK," he claimed.

He said, SP had participated in Bharat bandh and its leaders went on to give arrest at Jantar Mantar against the FDI in multi-brand retail.

"But later, what 'mantra' did Congress played that at Jantar Mantar you were against FDI, but in Parliament you helped the government by staging a walkout," he said.

"What to say about 'Behenji' (Mayawati). She opposed FDI terming it to be anti-poor, anti-Dalit and anti-minorities. I saw in Parliament that BSP MPs made a lame excuse and staged walkout and in Rajya Sabha to ensure that Congress does not get in trouble they sided with it," he alleged.

Shahnawaz claimed that SP and BSP were toys of Congress "with a key". "Congress has the key, whose fear compel toys to work accordingly," he alleged.

On BSP supremo Mayawati's allegation that BJP misused CBI against her, the BJP spokesman alleged that it was a cover up exercise.

"She gave speech against FDI and voted in its favour. She is trying to cover her deeds," he alleged.

On being asked, whether the decision on FDI would be reverted if BJP comes to power, Shahnawaz said he felt that even while in the opposition, entry of FDI would not be easy.

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