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Singing Competition

The finalists put up an impressive show at the ‘Voice of  Bangalore’ competition.

The sixth edition of ‘Voice of Bangalore’ — a competition to find some of the most talented singers in the City and provide them with a platform to showcase their skills — recently came to an end. After rounds of auditioning, facing stage fright and pre-performance jitters, the finale of the event — which was held recently at Garuda Mall — was quite an emotional experience for the finalists.

A whopping 6,000 hopefuls auditioned for the initial stages of the concert and quarter and semi finals, this was narrowed down to six aspiring singers — three male and three female.

The three girls who qualified for the finals were Raksha Achar K A, Samikshya Mishra and Jinsha K Nanu. In the male category, Vijeth Urs M, Ashwin Sharma and Jimmy Francis John were competing against each other.

A large crowd gathered at the mall to watch the contestants battle it out with the mic. There was quite a bit of energy in the air, as the audience waited for the finalists to take the stage and belt out some popular tunes.

After coming so far in the competition, it was evident that each of the finalists was determined to showcase their best and make a positive impression on the judges.

There was plenty of celebrity presence at the show as well, which kept the audience even happier — the panel of judges for the evening comprised ‘Crazy Star’ Ravichandran, the famous Sandalwood actor; Alka Yagnik, the well-known playback singer and Rajesh Krishnan, a playback singer in Sandalwood. The crowd went wild on seeing these idols, cheering enthusiastically for them.

Each of the competitors put their best foot forward to outshine the others and prove themselves to be a cut above the rest. They sung a medley of Kannada and Hindi numbers, which had the crowd tapping their feet to the rhythm and in some cases, singing along. While Jimmy Francis John sang Abhi Mujhme Kahin, Samikshya Mishra opted to perform a rendition of Rajhannaave Maahiyave.

Ashwin Sharma serenaded the crowd with Albela Sajana Aayore and Vijeth Urs sang Gaana Vidya Bahuta Kathin.  Jinsha Nanu was a delight to listen to when she performed a rendition of Saaware.

The contestants also performed a series of duets as part of the competition. While Jimmy and Samikshya got together to sing Aaj Kal Tere Mere, Ashwin and Jinsha sang ‘Where’s The Party Tonight’.

Vijeth and Raksha also got together to sing a popular Kannada song, that had the crowd tapping their feet.

Ultimately, Vijeth Urs M — a student from Mysore — was declared the winner in the male category, while Jinsha K Nanu — a young professional — stole the show and won the first prize in the female category.

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