Experience the Italian culture

Interesting Variety

In order to promote the culture and landscape of Italy in our country, ENIT- Italian State Tourist Board has organised ‘Italia Comes to You’, a five-day long exhibition in the City, which will showcase the art, music, food, fashion and history of the land of romance.

One of the highlights of the exhibition is the ‘Be Cool in Italy’ fashion show, which will be held on Wednesday. It will feature Italian brands like Versace, Armani and Valentino.

“I want to showcase how Italy has grown in the world of fashion, something it has always been known for. I have brought a collection of Italian dresses from the 50s to
the 90s, in which Indian

models will walk the ramp,” says Mara Parmegiani, an Italian designer.

“The original black dress worn by Anita Ekberg in ‘La Dolce Vita’ will also be presented. There will also be still photographs and films in the background to show where the dress has been used,” she adds.

Among other things is the film festival, which will have an interesting variety of films showcasing the landscape of Italy. The films will show Italy in all its beauty as well as inform the viewer about its culture.

There is also a photo-exhibition of iconic personalities like Steven Spielberg, Frank Sinatra, Woody Allen, Bruce Willis, Michael Jackson and Mikhail Gorbachev enjoying the charm of the picturesque Italian cities.

For the art lovers, there is an interesting display of works by Indian artists such as Shantanu Das, Ramkrishna Behera, Binaifer Bharucha and Samit Das among others, showcasing their interpretation of Italy through paintings, photography and digital art.

“Italy has come to you, and we’re waiting for you to come there and see what we have to offer. There’s been a growth in Italian tourism from India, and it feels nice to be a destination for honeymooners from here,” laughs Marco Bruschini, Director-General, Italian State Tourist Board, adding, “Through this exhibition, we have made a strong push to provide an experience of the rich culture and vibrancy of Italy, which caters to the likes of the evolving Indian travellers.”

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