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Great Snacks

A mug of piping hot coffee and munchies is the perfect way to have a pleasant evening.

And ‘Just Taste’, located near the Canara Bank in Viveknagar, is the sort of place where customers can relax with friends and do just this. The menu is varied and has quick fills like egg, vegetable, chicken and cheese sandwiches, to name a few.  Mary Cecilia, who owns this small eatery, is content with the kind of response she is getting to the eats here.

The eatery has a fresh aroma, similar to that of a bakery. In fact, a host of bakery products are lined up for those with a sweet tooth.

Pastries in flavours like German chocolate, chocolate truffle, ‘death by chocolate’, black forest, ‘temptation’, pure chocolate, brownies, blueberry and pineapple are delicious and moderately priced. “The pastries are made with special care and a lot of importance is given to the taste and freshness of the product. We don’t prepare the sandwiches unless the order is placed. Similarly, other items like chicken nuggets and French fries are also prepared after the customer places his or her order,” says Mary.

‘Death by chocolate’ and German chocolate are both must-haves. These pastries are a treat for chocolate lovers, with a thick layer of rich dark chocolate and moist cake.  As the eatery is located at a busy place, most of the customers who drop in are professionals and students who come for a quick fill.  Some of the other popular items on the menu are the apple cake — which actually looks like an apple — plum cake and brownies.

“We have many people enquiring about the cakes that we are selling this season, as Christmas is around the corner. We also have Christmas decorations for those who want to buy them,” adds Mary.

The menu also includes potato chips and murukku, which are sold on a daily basis. Paneer tandoor sandwiches, bread-butter-jam sandwiches and paranthas are also up for grabs for those who want something more filling. There is enough variety for the burger lovers as well, since both the vegetarian and chicken burgers are quite nice. Hot dogs and chicken pops (which are something like chicken lollipops) are popular as well; spicy and tangy these pops are delicious.

Pizzas — both vegetarian and chicken — as well as cutlets are also on the menu.
The menu has something for everyone and evenings are generally a busy time for the eatery. Customers can finish their drink with a milkshake. The menu includes flavours like mango, strawberry, pineapple, litchi, blackcurrant and chocolate. The badam milk here is also delicious — thick and creamy, with generous amounts of cashew and almond, and topped with a sprinkle of kesar.  For details, contact Mary Cecilia at 9632541618.

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