'I'm not launching my son'

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'I'm not launching my son'

Yesteryear actress Poonam Dhillon, who is set to don the director’s hat, is not launching her son Anmol in the film — she says this is because he is personally not ready to face the camera.

“I am not launching my son in my first film. In fact, I am launching myself as a director. There are two years or so for him. He himself does not want to face the camera unless and until he is all ready,” the 50-year-old says.

“Many offers have come to him but he always rejects them, saying ‘I want to be fully ready. Today’s scenario is not such that you come half-prepared on camera’. Everyone says he is all ready and has good looks — but he says no and I like that attitude,” she adds. Poonam believes this is the best time for the film industry and she too plans to face the camera yet again.

“I think the standard of everything, be it the actors or the film-making, has increased so much that I am waiting now to do good films again and work with good actors. It is the best time for the film-makers and actors today,” Poonam expresses.

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