Promising vocalist

Promising vocalist

Promising vocalist

The Malleswaram Sangeetha Sabha conducted the Annual Hanuman Jayanthi with vocal (both Karnatic and Hindustani) and instrumental music concerts at the Malleswaram Sri Rama Mandira, last week.

Sriram Parthasarathy who gave the inaugural concert, has learnt with two great musicians – O S Tyagarajan and Neyveli Santhana Gopalan and has already performed in many Sabhas and Sammelanas.

He is a graduate in Music and has practised Veena also. He is a ‘A’ grade artiste of Akashavani and has won prizes from Music Academy (Chennai) and few other organisations.

In the current concert, Sriram presented a number of compositions on Hanuman which suited the occasion.

For instance, ‘Anjaneya Paramananda’ from the traditional Bhajana Sampradaya, in which he sang till Thara Panchama, with ease and confidence. Another interesting kruthi ‘Pavana Thanaya Palayamam’ of Dr. Balamurali Krishna in the raga Rasikapriya was enjoyable with its ragabhava.

It was clear from the beginning that the vocalist has a commendable grasp over the different facets of a concert and can deliver the goods. In the Suruti Keerthane ‘Gitartthamu Sangitanandamu’ Saint Tyagaraja says – “O Mind! To understand the significance of the Gita and the bliss of music here and now, you have only to delve deep into your and behold them in their supreme grandeur.

Sri Anjaneya is an eternal witness of this truth ….. Anjaneya is well versed in the five creeds.” This has been well narrated in the Suriti composition.

But the percussionists were asked to play ‘Tani’ without bringing much tempo, which shows lack of experience. ‘Mukhya Prana’ of Purandara Dasaru, ‘Khelathi Mama Hridaye,’ ‘Bhaktha Jana Vatsale’ – one after the other devotional pleased the audience.
Nalina Mohan on violin and B C Manjunath on mridanga gave sustained support throughout the concert and Narayana Murthy played on Ghata. With some more stage experience Sriram Parthasarathi can rise to great heights.

Violin duet

Hanuman Jayanthi was also celebrated by many cultural and religious organisations of the city. Like wise the ‘Namagiri Nilaya’ also celebrated with music concerts. There was a violin duet by T K Dwarakanath and Archana Marathe.

Dwarakanath is a disciple of Vidwan H Bhimachar, senior violinist of yester years and has been guided by T S Krishnamurthy, also.

Archana Marathe has learnt music under Rema Ramaiah and Balu Raghuram and has passed diploma and senior examinations in music and a recipient of scholarship from CCRT.

Dwarakanath and Archana presented a number of popular compositions in their violin duet.

‘Sadhininchane’ is a dignified ‘Pancharathna Kruthi’ and ‘Venkatachala Nilayam’ is a popular devotional.  ‘Bagayanayya’ and ‘Jagadoddharana’ – both are all time favourites.

Panthuvarali raga was brief but impressive. ‘Sarasaksha’ with brief Nerval and Swara was followed by the solo of percussion instruments (Mridanga: Vijaya Raghava Marathe and Khanjari: R. Karthik).
Their careers are worth watching.