'India does not figure in list of world's best 200 universities'

Convention of Federation of SC/ST Educational Institutions held

Ex-minister for education B Somashekar said according to a study of Shanghai University, no Indian university has found a place among 200 best universities in the world.

food for thought: Ex-minister education B Somashekar inaugurates the convention of Federation of SC/ST Educational Institutions at Senate Bhavan in Mysore on Sunday. Ex-minister M Shivanna, MP R Dhruvanarayan and others are seen. dh photo

Speaking at convention of Federation of SC/ST Educational Institutions here on Sunday, he said, other than IIT and IISc, not any university in India has been recognised by the study. “Our country stands at 106th place in education development index among 127 countries considered.

Though there is an increase in the number of teachers from five lakh to 21 lakh, progress in education is suppressed. No one knows for what developmental works the money is used,” he said.

Elaborating on the education system, he said, the present system does not facilitate education to the poor and disadvantaged groups. The fund reserved for education is a mere 4.26 per cent of the GDP. Ironically, corporate companies are provided with a subsidy of Rs 5.26 lakh crore and five lakh acres of land. In Karnataka alone two lakh acres of land is given for real estate and SEZs. Great injustice is done to education, he said.

Briefing on the funds donated to universities abroad, he said, a total of Rs 150 crore is given to them. Harvard University was given Rs 23 crore on occasion of economist Amartya Sen’s birthday, while Cambridge University where Nehru studied was given Rs 26 crore.

Chicago University where Swami Vivekananda had delivered speech was given Rs 75 crore. Pointing out that Rs 15,000 crore is given to students who move to other countries for higher studies, he questioned how many Dalits are beneficiaries under this scheme. Among 25 universities in the state how many vice-chancellors are Dalits?” Somashekar asked.

The ex-minister stressed there is a need to introspect whether economically and socially backward classes are provided with education on par with others. He said even after 15 Lok Sabha elections, Dalits and other backward classes have not been empowered with quality education.

The grants provided to Dalit education institutions are no more given. Most jobs are privatised in the name of globalisation and liberalisation.

Reservation in education institutions have also been removed and no fresh employment opportunities are created. “But people continue to support parties responsible for all such imbalance,” he sarcastically said.

Lamenting over people’s apathy in the election process, he said, they sell their votes, which deprives the country of a good leader.

Ex-minister M Shivanna said: “The government is interested in providing funds for mutts and neglects educational institutions, which run even without aid.”

President of the federation Shantaraju said there are 140 educational institutions of SCs and STs, which are on the verge of closure. There is a need for sincere steps to protect them.

Vice-presidents D Gopal and Subbaiah, general secretary D S Lingaraju, treasurer Dasanur Kusanna, directors M Channamallaiah, K C Nagesh, Periswamy M Savakaiah and others were present.

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