Victims of train accident nurtured big dreams

Victims of train accident nurtured big dreams

Harsh yearned to be a pilot, while Vishal was interested in engineering

Harsh has been declared out of danger and is presently undergoing treatment at Manipal Hospital. Kumar Kabra, a businessman in Vijayanagar, has another son, elder to Harsh, who helps him out in his business.

“I am at a loss for words as we are totally shattered. He is under sedation now and we are not allowed to interact with the patient now,” the father said. “I really cannot say how he is going to take it,” he added. An emotional Kumar had told this reporter yesterday, “My son is now going to be handicapped for life.”

Kirti Kumar was also bitter about the fact that the railway police left his son to fend for himself. “After a leg and a hand had been cut off, my son requested another person around to dial my number for him. “My leg and hand have been cut off, come and take me,” were his words. The railway police (read GRP) coolly left him to fend for himself after the train reached the City station,” the father said quite bitterly.
Harsh is expected to be in hospital for two more weeks. His mother, who was out of station, has been conveyed the news.

The deceased student, Vishal Sharma, belongs to Shanti Nagar. His father is a businessman. “He was very interested in mechanical and automobile engineering,” said a family member.

Railways disagree
Railway Superintendent of Police (GRP), Dr D C Rajappa said the allegations made against the railway police by Kumar Kabra were not true.
“We did all we could help. There is something called response time, the duration it takes us to realise what happened and rush to help. The father has misunderstood that to be non-assistance,” he claimed.

Throwing light on the accident, Deputy SP, GRP, Arif Ali said that it was a group of five students, who were walking along the tracks.
“Noticing them, the driver of Udyan Express honked loudly. Three of them were able to jump and save themselves but these two ended up bearing the impact,” he added. They had got together as they wanted to do study together.