Demand for kites soars

Demand for kites soars

Time to fly high

Despite a rise in prices of kites and glass-laced manjhas this season, the enthusiasm among locals in the Pink City remains high as they gear up to celebrate Makar Sakranti on Monday.

Markets famous for kite-trading, including Haldiyon Ka Rasta and Handipura, have been flooded with buyers of all ages since Saturday and the crowd in the market is likely to remain till the festival day.

“There is 10-20 per cent hike in prices of kites and manjhas but there is no impact on business and people in large number are buying kites,” said Usman Khan, a trader in Haliyon Ka Rasta.

He said there was no special attraction this year in terms of design as kites in traditional sizes and designs are being favoured.

Another kite trader Babu Miyan said favourable weather conditions and holidays in schools have had a positive impact on business this year.

“Business is good this year. Sales always increase in the last few days and markets would now be crowded during night hours also,” he said. Kites sold in the markets here are either locally manufactured or made in Bareli (UP).

Average quality kite is available for Rs 3 and 4. Bareli-made kites and manjhas are always preferred by kite-flyers due to their unmatched quality.