Devotees make a beeline to Halebeedu

Devotees make a beeline to Halebeedu

840th Guru Siddarameshwara Jayanti celebrated; 100 counters provide food

840th Guru Siddarameshwara Jayanthi celebrated here on Monday, registered a huge footfall, compared to any previous year. Crowd made a beeline since Sunday morning itself which continued on Monday also.

The town was teeming with devotees arriving from various parts of the state. Apart from the shade set up to facilitate seating capacity for 25,000 people, the crowd dominated every nook and cranny of the town. According to organisers, the event witnessed more than a lakh of people.

Television sets were put up to facilitate audience seated at the back.

Food facility

As many as 100 counters were set up to distribute prasada from Sunday afternoon itself. More than 75 hearths were arranged for the purpose. Uppittu and kesari bath constituted the breakfast and were served to devotees from 8 am itself, while bisi bele bath, palav and sweet pongal were prepared for lunch.

Nearly 400 quintal of rice, 400 tin oil, large amount of vegetable and 50 lorry loads of firewood  were utilised for three days for cooking.

Eight lakh packets of water were brought for drinking purpose.

More than 2,000 volunteers were appointed for distribution of prasada and other works. Organisers had taken measures to avoid any untoward instances during distribution of food.

Traffic jam

Traffic jam was common scene on all roads at Halebeedu on Monday. Vehicles of only pass holders and VIPs were allowed into the venue. KSRTC had provided additional buses to Halebeedu.

Cultural troupes

Thousands witnessed the colorful procession of art troupes taken out on account of the

Many onlookers intruded into the procession to get involved in the dance.
Dollu kunitha, keelu kudure, gaali gombe, gombe yakshagana and others arrested attention of people.

As 1108 women marched with poornakumbha kalasa, devotees praises towards Guru Siddarameshwara and Somashekara Shivacharya reached a crescendo.

Hoysaleshwara temple

People arrived to partake in the jayanthi celebration, also visited Hoysaleshwara temple.