Dishing out justice

Dishing out justice

Channel Surfing

As part of this, watch director Shashank Ghosh’s favourite film Violent Cop on October 15 at 8.30 pm. Detective Azuma is a rogue cop, who often uses violence and unethical methods to get results.

While investigating a series of drug-related homicides, Azuma discovers that his friend and colleague, Iwaki, is supplying drugs from within the police force.

After Iwaki is murdered and Azuma’s sister is kidnapped, he breaks all the rules to dish out his particular form of justice. 

Laugh your heart out 

Tune in to Zee Cafe for the premiere of Gary Unmarried. Welcome to
the world of Gary Brooks. Newly divorced after fifteen years of marriage, the
painting contractor juggles work, the shared custody of his two bratty children, a controlling ex-wife and a foxy new girlfriend.

A rip-roaring situational comedy, the show has been a hit at this year’s People's Choice Awards, where it bagged the Favourite New TV Comedy.

Drawing chuckles and giggles every minute, this feel-good show is aimed at helping you switch off and unwind. The latest addition to Cafe LOL — Zee Cafe’s comedy band, the show premieres on the channel on October 15 at 9 pm. Don’t miss it, you might just get hooked.

Beauty of nature 

Victoria FallsThis week on Natural World, visit the spectacular Victoria Falls. The Victoria Falls are one of the most impressive sites on Earth.

As the Zambezi River falls 108 metres into a series of gorges, the force of the water sends spray half a mile into the air. This is the story of the inhabitants of the tranquil river above, the rocky gorge below and the stream of water in between that unites the two worlds. The programme airs on October 15 at 10 pm on Animal Planet.