Hungarian play

The Virgin and the Beast is a tragic-comedy, based on real events of Hungarian society. A man with a seriously burnt face lives in a flat in the ghetto of Budapest. His everyday companion is the caretaker Uncle Sam, who decides to bring a tenant to his flat. This tenant is a young Transylvanian girl, unaware of the City’s lifestyle. Love blossoms between the girl and the man and they escape from the city. Venue: Kamani Auditorium, Copernicus Marg on January 20. Time: 7 pm.

Contemporary theatre

Project Pagadi is a contemporary theatrical show by Dinesh Yadav of Swayambhu Foundation on the tradition of turbans in India. It will have integrated elements of theatre, dance, music, and design. It is a theatrical installation performance by more than 20 artists displaying their skills on the stage, with state-of-the-art sound and light effect. Venue: NSD, near Book Shop on January 18. Time: 5.30 pm.

Classical tale

Seagull Theatre will present an Assamese adaptation of the William Shakespeare’s Julius Ceaser. Based on the true events from Roman history, Julius Ceaser is a psychological drama that revolves around Ceaser and Brutus and the conflicting demands of honour, friendship and patriotism. Venue: Sri Ram Centre on January 19. Time: 4.30 pm.  

Unravelling secrets

The Last Tale is a story about Behaag, a girl from an upper class family and Udav, an orphaned son of blacksmith. They both fall in love and marry each other. Three days after their marriage, Udav murders Behaag and kills himself. The play is set in a funeral ground where time and space are frozen. Venue: Abhimanch, NSD on January 19. Time: 8.30 pm.

An artist’s life

Based on the letters, diaries, works and life of Sadat Hasan Manto Dafa 292' allows insights into Manto's life. It does not provide any answers to questions that may be raised about him, but attempts only to present certain aspects about him- his way of looking at things and seeing the world; the manner in which he perceived life  and his understanding of human nature. Venue: Abhimanch, National School of Drama (NSD) on January 18. Time: 8.30 pm.

Comical act

Afsana by Theatre Club, Bengaluru revolves around two failed authors James Bond and Mohsin Ali who writes innumerable drafts of a novel. Finally, after years James’ book is accepted for publication but Mohsin’s is rejected. However, James, book does not sell. He works out a plan to make Mohsin and himself succeed. The story thereafter takes you on a hilarious journey. Venue: Abhimanch, NSD on January 20. Time: 8.30 pm.


Katkatha Puppet Arts Trust will present Anecdotes and Allegories by Gulbadan Begum at the Bharat Rang Mahostav. The history of Gulbadan Begum dates back to the Mughal Empire. The performance explores her writings and representations of the Mughal emperors will be shown through miniature puppets, live feed, shadow puppetry and paper theatre. Venue: Sammukh, NSD on January 19. Time: 6 pm.

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