For dessert lovers

For dessert lovers

For dessert lovers

For those with a sweet tooth, the mention of gateau immediately brings to mind visions of French patisseries, serving the most delectable cakes and pastries. ‘House of Gateaux’, located on 80 Feet Road, Indiranagar, comes pretty close.

Pastries such as ‘choco fanatic’, ‘tiramisu kiwi glacier’, ‘mousse gateaux’ and ‘choco fruity’, as well as white forest, black forest, truffle chocolate and many others, make this small eatery quite a favourite in the neighbourhood. Dinesh and Richard, who started this eatery last year, say that the desserts have been able to strike a chord with people in and around the area.

They’ve managed to build up a large customer base. “We have been getting a great response from many dessert lovers. There are a few customers who come in for a particular dessert everyday. We have one customer who loves the ‘choco fanatic’ pastry and orders it on a regular basis. And there is another, who buys doughnuts every evening after dinner,” says Dinesh.

The menu doesn’t limit itself to pastries. There are a host of other lip-smacking snacks and desserts, which leave any foodie spoilt for choices. However, it is particularly a paradise for chocolate lovers. They can indulge in the unique taste of ‘choco fanatic’ —  rich, dark chocolate layered with moist sponge cake, sprinkled with chocolate chips and chocolate shavings.

Other desserts like the walnut brownie, apple pie, pineapple strudel, bread-butter pudding, caramel custard and fresh fruit tart are up for grabs too.

The doughnuts are a must-try. They are available in three flavours — chocolate, almond and fruit — and are made fresh. “As the bakery and confectionary are located on the same premises, everything is fresh. We keep the base of the cakes ready and ice them with fresh cream as soon as the order is placed.

We don’t compromise on the quality of the creams, as doing that will spoil the taste of the cakes and pastries. We use low-fat cream, which is popular with those who are dieting. The breads are also baked as per demand. We don’t want to lower the quality of the food,” explains Dinesh.

The eatery has a good range of cookies as well, including walnut, raisin, buttered chocolate and cashew chocolate. ‘melting moments’, yet another cookie, literally melts in the mouth and should definitely be tried. Customers can also have a quick coffee with some snacks like croissants, cheese sticks, paneer pie, mushroom pie, chicken quiche, chicken cheese balls, chilli cheese toast or cheese garlic bread.

 For details, call 41273777. ‘House of Gateaux’ is located at 3048, HAL IInd Stage, 80 Feet Road, Indiranagar.