It's an insight into the real world

Most fests provide platforms for talent but there are also fests that encourage students to develop their talent and apply it in today’s world.

Chrizellenz 2013, a management fest, organised by Christ University Institute of Management, Kengeri, recently gave an opportunity to the participating students for a holistic development and a platform to prove their mettle in managing themselves.

The two-day fest saw some exciting events, healthy competition and much to learn through the events for management students. The campus was decorated beautifully and the mascot for the fest –– a butterfly –– was present everywhere. The theme for the fest was ‘Parivartya, a Call for Change’ and the fest ensured that each
of the events incorporated the theme in some way or other.

With around 40 colleges from across the country, the first day saw good participation in events like Marketing, Finance, Operations and IT, Human Resources, Best Manager, B Quiz, B Plan, CSR and others. And each of the competitions tested how one can adapt to changes and bring about changes in the corporate world. One of the highlights of the fest was the ‘Best Manager’ event, which saw 21 participants and 14 gruelling rounds that tested the students to the maximum and put them in situations where they gave their best. Even many of the corporates played an active role by judging the events and even mingling with the students giving them insights into the real world. The second day was largely dedicated to the culturals. So dance, music, creativity took center stage. What really stood out was the issues that were addressed through the cultural programmes. Many teams brought out the recent Delhi gang-rape incident and sent across strong messages though dance. After two-days of hard work by both the participants and the organising team, they all let their hair down and enjoyed the DJ Night that concluded the fest. Kristu Jayanti College bagged the overall trophy.

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