Designer wear for your pets too

Designer wear for your pets too

If you can buy a Ritu Beri, Rohit Bal or Manish Malhotra for your wardrobe, it is only understandable that you would want your pet to flaunt designer wear too! Welcome to the latest trend where owners are hesitant to let their pet be seen in outdated outfits.

Get the latest fashion for your Tommy, Sheru, Tiger, Bhalu and Billy and let them make a fashion statement in front of friends and relatives.

Make them wear the latest accessories and your pet will be the talk of the dog park. From smart gold-plated collars for dog, dog cardigans and ponchos to donut dog beds and conditioning shampoos, the market is flooded with goodies for your coochie-poochie! And a lot of these products are available online. One of the sites to check out the latest pet animal fashion trends is Rake combs for dogs and cats, green tea deodorants, velvet collars and raincoats are only some of the products on offer. Some of the other sites you can choose to pick your poodle’s pet toys and products include the Furberry Designer Pet Store, Posh Pawz and Indian Pet Store.

Not just online portals, many designer pet shops are also displaying quilts and jackets for your four-legged friends. Adding to the list are swarovski-studded pet-collars, sherwanis (yes, you read that right) headgears like bandanas and shoes!

Sumit Arora, founder and CEO says, “We have over 2,500 products and add at least 15 products each week. This idea came to me when I faced problems finding products for my own pets. It was a pain to find the right stuff for my pets since the market was inundated with Chinese products. I was looking for toys and food for them but was dissatisfied with the quality available. That is how I developed this portal. ” He owns two Lhasa Apsos named Ginnie and Candy, who we are sure are appreciative of his efforts!

With a vast variety of products to choose from, the industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Sudden increase in incomes and humanisation of pets has made owners sensitive towards their pet’s needs. So apart from necessities like haircuts, medication, nail trimming and hygiene, owners are willing to spend money on pet styling, accessories and designer wardrobes also.

One ‘pet parent’ is Devjani Bose, owner of 10-month old labrador Coco says, “From the time I brought Coco home, he has become my priority. Each time I go out I get something or the other for him. He has many fascinating collars and clothes for himself. And he has a different wardrobe for summer and winter. If we human can own 1000 clothes, why can’t our pets?”