Hillsboro does star turn in feature event


Hillsboro, ridden by Arshad Alam and trained by Tharun T, claimed the Racing Patrons Trophy over 1200 metres, the feature event of the races held at the Bangalore Turf Club on Friday.

1. Charmudi Plate (Div II) -- 1200M: Law Of The Land (KJ George’s) PS Chouhan, 1; Buzzword (B Sreekanth) 2; Fairway King (Noornabi) 3; All Clear (AR Pradeep) 4; WB: Shd, 2-1/4L, Short neck; T: 1:15.50; Tote: Rs 92w, Rs 26, Rs 17, Rs 45p; TB: Dominic; Fav: Immaculate; Fc: Rs 125; Q: Rs 62; SHP: Rs 47; Tri: Rs 1,326 and Rs 631.

2. Virajpet Plate -- 1200M: All Proof (Atul N Amerset, Dr YK Hamied & Mrs Surina Narula’s) Srinath, 1; Cadogan (Spencer) 2; Love Is Life (PS Chouhan) 3; Natural View (B Sreekanth) 4; WB: 3/4, 3/4, 1L; T: 1:14.93; Tote: Rs 19w, Rs 12, Rs 17, Rs 14p; TB: D Byramji: Fav: All Proof; Fc: Rs 47; Q: Rs 44; SHP: Rs 46; Tri: Rs 74 and Rs 24.

3. Charmudi Plate (Div I) -- 1200M: Artic Breeze (Dr Ravikumar T and TS Preetham & SN Prasad’s) Indrajeet S, 1; La Jawaab (Noornabi) 2; Delilah (Tauseef A) 3; Honourable Empress (A Ramu) 4; WB: 3/4, 5-1/2, 1L; T: 1:15.35; Tote: Rs 59w, Rs 16, Rs 13, Rs 49p; TB: S Komandur; Fav: La Jawaab; Fc: Rs 194; Q: Rs 52; SHP: Rs 39; Tri: Rs 1,545 and Rs 1,192.

4. Vibrant Plate -- 1100M: Sweet Secret (V Khanna, BN Sharath Gowda & P Jayakumar’s) Srinath, 1; Isle Of Fire (Noornabi) 2; Magic Wave (Shanth Kumar) 3; Fantastic Star (Liam P Jones) 4; Not run: The Scientist; WB: 2-1/4, 2-1/4, 4-1/2L; T: 1:08.02; Tote: Rs 41w, Rs 17, Rs 16, Rs 162p; TB: Puttanna; Fav: Nocturnal Hunter; Fc: Rs 142; Q: Rs 91; SHP: Rs 50; Tri: Rs 2,297 and Rs 1,688.

5. Racing Patrons Trophy -- 1200M: Hillsboro (Rakesh Kumar Wadhawan & Waryam Singh rep Wadhawan Livestock Pvt Ltd’s) Arshad Alam, 1; Free Law (VR DeSousa) 2; Superb Style (C Henrique) 3; Sky Train (B Sreekanth) 4; WB: 1-3/4, 1/2L, Nose; T: 1:12.96; Tote: Rs 199w, Rs 49, Rs 38, Rs 20p; TB: Tharun T; Fav: Superb Style; Fc: Rs 4,528; Q: Rs 960; SHP: Rs 112; Tri: Rs 7,723 and Rs 2,482; Exp: Rs 101,677 and Rs 14,525.

6. Topmost Cup -- 1200M: Next Move (Peter Caddy & Asif Y Lampwala’s) Culhane, 1; Will Star (Srinath) 2; Spiritual Star (B Paswan) 3; Cielo Signore (Spencer) 4; WB: 1-1/2, 2, 3/4L: T: 1:13.59; Tote: Rs 399w, Rs 56, Rs 18, Rs 12p; TB: Amit Caddy; Fav: Spiritual Star; Fc: Rs 2,854; Q: Rs 2,176; SHP: Rs 50; Tri: Rs 3,734 and Rs 1,455.

7. Bhatkal Plate -- 1600M: Brownie (Ramesh Seksaria & Aap Racing And Stud Farms Ltd’s) VR DeSousa, 1; Rich Radiant (P Mulrennan) 2; Red Bishop (David Allan) 3; Fantastic Strike (Donoghue) 4; WB: 1-1/4, 1/2, 4-1/2L; T: 1:29.71; Tote: Rs 54w, Rs 17, Rs 23, Rs 12p; TB: Lokanath; Fav: Red Bishop; Fc: Rs 422; Q: Rs 113; SHP: Rs 64; Tri: Rs 285 and Rs 128; Exp: Rs 1,440 and Rs 672.

8. Mercara Plate -- 1100M: Light Of Success (MAM Ramaswamy’s) B Sreekanth, 1; Nayan Star (VR DeSousa) 2; Cash My Way (Vivek) 3; Artesia (R Marshall) 4; Not run: Kingston Town; WB: 2-1/4, 1/2, 3/4L; T: 1:08.31; Tote: Rs Rs 46w, Rs 17, Rs 19, Rs 84p; TB: Ganapathy; Fav: Kolaveri Di; Fc: Rs 134; Q: Rs 62; SHP: Rs 51; Tri: Rs 13,737 and Rs 5,233.

Jackpot: Rs 325,108 (c/o). Runner-up: 139,332 (1). Mini-treble: Rs 31,455 (1). Treble: Rs 8,032 (6).

Training their thoughts on Derby

It’s (Kimmane Bangalore Derby) going to be the same distance as the (Bangalore) Oaks. Having won it, we are confident of another victory. It has being training really hard and has maintained her form very well. We’re game for the challenge tomorrow.

Snow Bird’s trainer

Super Storm’s chances are bright. He has the best credentials to land the spoils. VR DeSousa is an excellent jockey and I am very confident of him anchoring Super Storm to victory. He’s is fine condition and if he runs as per form and with god’s grace I see ourselves on the podium.

Super Storm’s trainer
S Narredu

Red Baron is right up there this Derby. He’s made for a mile-and-a-half and he has proved himself with a fine victory in the 2400-metre long Sir Sultan Chinoy Trophy (last October in Pune). It’s going to be a battle between Snow Bird, Super Storm and Red Baron and I hope Red Baron puts his best foot forward.
Red Baron’s trainer
Kartik Ganapathy

It’s not a very hot Derby field. The best horses of Bangalore are away either in Mumbai training for the Indian Derby or in Hyderabad for Sunday’s Golconda Stakes. I feel it’s a very open race and State Secret has a definite chance.
State Secret’s trainer

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