Lessons from a legend

Lessons from a legend

Dance presentation

Lessons from a legend

As part of the 50th anniversary of the friendship between Germany and France, hip-hop dancer Storm — along with his students — presented an incredible performance at Max Mueller Bhavan recently.

He also conducted a five-day dance workshop, which was attended by professional dancers as well as amateurs. In fact, some of the attendees had come from other cities to pick up some tips from the expert.

“I see a lot of potential in these students,” says Storm, adding that in India, enthusiasts who want to take up dance professionally don’t get much support. “Hence, the good dancers always migrate to other countries. I hope parents encourage their children to follow their passion and support them,” says Storm.

The performance, which was called ‘Full Circle’, was quite interesting. The audience members were asked to stand in a circle, as the performers danced in the centre of another circle.

The show started with a slow number, which was beautifully choreographed and highlighted the dancers’ skills. The icing on the cake was the solo act by Storm.  The dancer stole the show with his flexible moves and thrilling stunts. Naser, who has been dancing for the last five years and has performed with Storm earlier, says that dancing alongside a stalwart is definitely a learning experience.

 “I have danced with him earlier as well. There is so much to learn from him and his style. I hope that he pays another visit to the country soon. In fact, even after the workshop, we spent a lot of time dancing,” he says.

Swapnil, who had come for the workshop all the way from Hyderabad, says that Storm is his inspiration. “The knowledge that we got from him is boundless. It was a dream come true for most of us. Many of the attendees of the workshop learnt the basics of dance from his DVD. So, getting to meet him and dancing with him was amazing,” he adds.  The 15-minute performance was too short for the audience and the dancers came back to perform for a longer duration on popular demand.  They showcased various stunts like head-stands, head-spins, hand-stands, spins and even a bit of break dance.