Sadhu plans to bury himself alive, sends officials into tizzy

A naga sadhu’s declaration that he would undertake a ‘live samadhi’ at the Mahakumbh, burying himself alive in a pit for eight days, has rung alarm bells among the mela officials.

Sadhu Syamanand Saraswati, who belongs to the Juna Akhara, has declared that he would undertake an eight-day-long live samadhi.

According to his disciples, he would get burried under the ground on Friday and come out on February 9 at noon.

With ash smeared over his entire body, he claims that he had earlier also undertaken a similar samadhi.

The sadhu, as per the tradition, has not been eating for the past 15 days and is surviving only on tea, according to the Juna Akhara office bearers.

Saraswati said he had decided to do this as he was deeply hurt by the rising crime against women in the country.

A nine feet by nine feet pit has been prepared for his samadhi.
The Mahakumbh officials have so far not reacted to the his announcement.

“Earlier also, many saints have undertaken live samadhi at kumbh. Pilot Baba too had undertaken a similar samadhi in the previous Mahakumbh,” said an official.

He said the authorities would take a decision on the issue soon and convey it to Saraswati.

Earlier, the Akharas at Mahakumbh had asked the administration to allot them land for according land burial to the saints and sadhus here in view of the rising pollution in the river Ganga.

Traditionally the saints are given water burial.
The authorities have not yet responded to the proposal saying a decision in this regard would be taken by chief minister Akhilesh Yadav.

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