Scripting many success stories

Scripting many success stories

Budding Writers

While watching chartbuster films like Mungaru Male in Kannada or Bommarillu in Telugu, many film lovers feel they are actually on the screen with the characters, living their lives and undergoing  their highs and lows.

Romantic love is the dominant feature in Indian cinematography, and therefore, avoiding monotony is a big challenge for the film-makers who have to cater to the volatile younger generation.

Script writing is an art form, and creating art is never easy. Envisioning characters and plots requires a great amount of creativity and imaginative power. Often it is newcomers who come up with rare scripts and unusual storylines.

Raj Guru is one example of a budding yet successful script writer. He broke into the industry with a lot of dreams and plenty of unwritten scripts to sell.

Day-to-day incidents and his own feelings about love, romance and life give him inspiration every day.

 “I have a plethora of ideas in my mind and I construct plots on the basis of emotions and circulating trends. I don’t believe in fabricated scenes which look foolish. Whether it is a fictitious story or a documentary, I believe in genuine expression,” he says.

“Many a time, young writers or directors prove successful because of their innovative ideas. Love or lust, enmity or hatred, anything you experiment with, should be brought to the screen  effectively. I discuss my ideas with my friends and if they find them passe, I drop the idea,” he adds.

Vikyath, an introvert by nature, is a good script writer who also feels that reality and true expression are important.
“Script writing is nothing but a duplication of our surroundings. Sometimes, we create too much drama in situations which audience  rejects. I try to write scripts with simple plots yet trendy subjects,” he maintains.

 Inventive yet determined Ravindra Muddi, is a novice to the industry, but he is sensitive and observant. “Creating a lively script is nothing but feeling the pulse of the audience. It’s not easy to create a script that holds the attention of hundreds of people at once. Thankfully, the industry is changing.”

“Whenever I put up a new proposal, my chief encourages me to work on it. Movies in general are becoming more youth friendly,” he asserts.