Devotees struggle it out at Talacauvery

Thousands of people were doing all their efforts to get into the sacred tank

Police controlling devotees rushing towards the tank, ahead of Teethodbhava in Talacauvery on Saturday. DH photoYes, that was the scene at Talacauvery about 20 minutes ahead of the teerthodbhava on Saturday.

On the one hand, thousands of people were doing all their efforts to get into the sacred tank, and on other, police were struggling their level best to block the devotees from entering into the tank.

Though police had lathis, they could not use them since they were in a religious programme. Moreover, the entire rush was just a reflection of the emotions of the devotees. In the rush, the plastic bottles and tumblers with the devotees fell on the ground and were flattened. A police constable lost his cell phone in the rush, while another lost his cap.

Observing the situation, Superintendent of Police Manjunath Annigeri personally visited the place and advised the police staff to handle the scene with patience.

When there were still 15 minutes to the muhurat of Terthocdbhava, the crowd ran into the tank pushing all the barricades aside.

However, the struggle between devotees and police provided free entertainment to the thousands of devotees gathered around.

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