Hi-Lighting Jantar Mantar's history

Lit Up

Jantar Mantar will bear witness to the long standing Indo-France connection and its own history in a bright way. As part of the ongoing French festival, ‘Bonjur India 2013’, this historic structure will be illuminated through a beautiful light show called ‘Luminocity’ by French artist Patrick Rimoux and Indian artist Nandita Palchoudhuri, famous for their sculptural light work.

The story of this monument, built in 17th century under the rule of  Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah, will be told from its inception, through lights and graphics.

“I have used Indian lights that are made in Chandan Nagar in West Bengal. Generally, these lights are not used for projections but I am utilising them in a very unique style.

On the other hand, Patrick’s projections will be through laser lights and computer. Subject of both is solar system, sun, moon, basically what Jantar Mantar is all about,” Nandita informs Metrolife.

Another interesting feature of the event will be fashions installations by designer duo Lecoanet Hemant. They have created eight white gowns-cum-sculptures which will have light projections on them, tracing the history of Jantar Mantar. The projection will be related to astronomy and movements of the planets.

Besides, there will a musical performance by French band Scratch Bandits Crew and an opera singer Sunanda Rao. “I’ll be contributing to the vocal section. The whole performance will be a blend of modern electronic music and old classical style of opera. Its about tradition and modernity. I am taking inspiration from nine planets since we have nine moods of singing in music also,” says Sunanda.
The event is slated for tomorrow at 6:30 pm.

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