Prejudice and jealousy

We often talk of giving up lust, anger, ego, pride and attach­ment, but perhaps, we do not put proper emphasis on giving up prejudice, bias and jeal­ousy.

Prejudice is a peculiar disease that is very hard to treat because a preju­diced person does not consider himself a pa­tient and opposes all attempts to cure him. One can only pity him with sympathy.

But we cannot leave such creatures in the cruel hands of ill-luck. We have to perform on them ‘the oper­ation rescue’ in the moral theatre of virtues after putting them on anaesthesia of love, glucose of goodwill and later treating them with curative preparations made form spiritual knowledge, and using the therapy called Raj Yoga.

Like prejudice, jealousy also is a dangerous disease. A jealous person cannot digest the facts of life, nor can he tolerate the truth. His arteries of love have been blocked and so he feels a kind of ‘heart attack’ when he sees an­other person gaining success or making good progress. He is a person who suffers from the toxin called ‘selfishness’.

But unlike a prejudiced person, a jealous person wants peace and unlike a prejudiced person, he wants to be cured or relieved.

Raj Yoga mediation helps him feel reliev­ed and it builds in him a reservoir of goodwill and love that finally cures him of jealousy.

Jealousy is the generator of ha­tred. If a person wants to be free from hatred, he has to banish jealousy.  Jealousy and peace co-exist. Universal love is the anti­dote to jealousy and universal love can be gen­erated and nourished only through meditation.

So, let us cure ourselves and people around us of these dreadful diseases with the help of Raj Yoga meditation and liberate the world.

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