Enjoy signal-free ride on 'green corridors'

Driving on some of the busy arterial roads across the City will soon become a signal-free ride. Delhi traffic police are synchronising the timings of signal lights on some of the busiest corridors in such a way that motorists who drive through these roads on a given speed limit will not come across red signals at traffic intersections.

Traffic police sources said they are working on transforming 25 corridors into Green Corridors – wherein motorists will get green signals at all traffic intersections on their way.

Senior officers have directed the agency managing the traffic signals to synchronise the signals on the 25 corridors for the purpose.

Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic), Anil Shukla, said a pilot project has been initiated at three corridors – Patel Road, Subramaniam Bharti Marg and Lodhi Road.
“Green Corridors help in reducing the number of accidents apart from ensuring better dispersal of traffic on the stretch,” Shukla said. 

Speed limit issue

The officers said the department is also working to fix the speed limit for the motorists on these corridors.

A senior traffic officer said the speed limit will depend on the length of the corridor and the number of traffic signals it has and added that volume of traffic flow on each corridor will also be taken into account.

“Once we fix the advisable speed limit, it will be advertised on the signages placed on the roads,” the officer said.

Officers said the drivers will eventually realise that driving at a certain speed will not stop them at any signal and with time, they will automatically start driving within the prescribed speed limit.

“Self-regulation on speed limits will reduce the number of road accidents as over-speeding is one of the major reasons behind fatal road accidents,” an officer said.

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