Beyond the theoretical aspect

Beyond the theoretical aspect

Beyond the theoretical aspect

A group of 23 BA Journalism students of M S Ramaiah College of Arts, Science and Commerce recently visited the Sri Siddhartha Centre for Media Studies, Tumkur, for a day-long workshop on the subject, ‘Basics of Electronic Media’.

The tour of the institute began with a visit to the community radio station and the
editing room, where the recorded radio clip is edited and made presentable to audiences.

This was followed by a trip to the TV production studio, with an adjacent room for all the post-production work like editing and adding special effects.

Demonstrations of creating newspapers using the appropriate software also excited the students, especially because the teachers were avid enthusiasts and trained each one of them in detail.

But if you ask any of them, the most exciting part was the practical aspect, where the students recorded their very own radio clip in the recording studio, shot a short video clip in the TV production studio and even brought out a four-page newspaper as a group. The experience gave them a sense of professionalism and exposed them to the requirements and challenges of the industry.

The mere use of the technical equipment was enough to create confidence in them and put them at ease. 

“Since the subject of journalism emphasises practicality, I arranged this workshop with the idea of touching upon all the concepts of journalism like camera operations, editing, designing a newspaper page, recording etc and giving the students hands-on industry experience. Such workshops combine theory and practice to give students a foundation in the principles and practice of journalism,” explains Radhika C A, journalism coordinator of MSRCASC.

Students returned from the institute feeling complete and satisfied at having explored new horizons in their subject of interest.

“It was a treat, especially since it’s the first academic workshop that I’ve attended from college. It proved to be an interesting and informative platform. Now that I know the different aspects of media, it’s easier for me to understand the things that I come across on TV or radio or the newspaper,” shares Dipsikha Goswami, one of the few first-year students who attended.