Balehonnur celebrates Diwali with pomp and gaiety

Balehonnur celebrates Diwali with pomp and gaiety

People offered prayers to the benevolent king Balindra and also performed various other rituals with great deal of sanctity.

‘Go-puja’ was performed in most of the agricultural families during dawn. The cattle were washed and garlands were offered to them along with various kinds of fruits and delicacies such as rice, jaggery, dosas, rice cakes etc.

Farmers offered special prayers to agricultural implements. Vehicles were also cleaned, decorated and offered puja. Lakshmi puja and special prayers were performed at temples.

During the evening, the true spirit of Diwali was seen all over as women and children dressed up in new clothes lit oil lamps at their homes, illuminating the area. While some lit modern candle diyas, some clung on to the traditional clay diyas. Range of crackers were burst to mark the joyousness of the festival.

However, the quantity of cracker sales had dipped considerably when compared to last year, it is said.