The good in everything

The good in everything

“Some folks enjoy life to the hilt, not because good things come their way, but because they see good in things coming their way!”

The perception and perspective of happiness and enjoyment in this statement had me pondering over positive thinking.

I’m reminded of the words of a pragmatic youngster I was conversing with at a social event sometime back. After bagging an engineering degree, he was working with a call centre. I casually asked him whether he didn’t feel infra dig to work for a call centre after having acquired a professional degree. He stoically replied he was better off grabbing some work than being jobless.

He said he was enjoying life, working and learning something, instead of wasting time. “This doesn’t mean one shouldn’t dream big and be ambitious. This job is just temporary. Once I find lucrative pastures, I’d certainly explore more exciting career terrains. Till the time I’m here, I wish to see only the good elements.”

Whenever I think of these sagacious words, I am reminded of a friend who, some years ago, had to sport an arm-sling following a road accident. When people spouted sympathies, she’d quip, “Any day it’s better to have a damaged arm than having no arm at all.”

Indeed, this quality of identifying good in everything is certainly conducive to our mental growth. Many of us would have subliminally slithered into a comfort zone, disinclining to budge a wee bit. Even a modicum of discomfort makes us gripe over those fleeting difficulties.

In fact, during such times, we get so obsessed with those trifling irritants, we fail to see good things our life is filled with. We simply take for granted the secure life we enjoy, the healthy body we are blessed with, the occasional fun or entertainment we revel in, the family’s love we have.

Recognising good elements in everything is quite crucial for a happy and healthy life. Maybe, “as much of heaven is visible as we have eyes to see”!

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